Sydney to Melbourne by coach with Greyhound

Something I’ve learnt this last year about Australia is that it takes a long time to get around this seven million square kilometers island. Mainly because of these large distances I haven’t travelled that much this year — there’s just too much ground to cover on a short weekend trip. Plus you may have heard or experienced that travelling within Australia isn’t that cheap as these big distances lead to high transportation costs.


A great way of travelling in Australia is by car but if you are not renting one, take the bus then! It’s the best way to get around. That’s what I did to go from Sydney to Melbourne and back.

I get it, travelling with a coach might take longer than driving yourself but the way I see it is ‘sit back, relax and take a break’.

All coaches I’ve travelled with always had power sockets and free wi-fi. At the end of the day this is everything I need so that I can choose if I want to be productive or just listening to music while watching the world go by.

From Sydney to Melbourne buses take approximately 12 – 14 hours (shorter time for the overnight) so plenty of time to both enjoy the ride and get some work done.

I find so convenient to travel from city centre to city centre, that’s why if I can choose I always opt for a train or a coach. In this case coaches travel to and from Southern Cross station in Melbourne and Central Station in Sydney.  Amazing!

I wrote about all the perks of travelling by coach when I was in Europe. Here you can read more. All those points are still valid.

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