Here is a mini travel guide for all the architecture lovers who want to visit Prague, the beautiful capital of Czech Republic. From Gehry’s Dancing House to Charles Bridge and more.

During my recent trip to Prague what I found out to be particularly fascinating is looking at the city from above, there are many high points of view to enjoy it, plus every single metro station is just so photogenic! These are my highlights and main suggestions for your trip.


The first thing that no one who goes to Prague can miss is the view of the entire city from the Castle’s hill. Take your time to soak up this beautiful vision because the city centre really looks like a fairy tale set.

Size fact: do you know that Prague castle is the largest ancient castle in the world? Now you do.


You can’t miss the uniqueness of the Nova Scena‘s facade made of blown glass blocks. I found it really interesting since it’s an unusual kind of Brutalist building, it keeps all the style’s features such as repetition and geometry, monolithic and blocky appearance but the opaque glass that replaces the usual material used in brutalist architecture imitates really well the typical concrete look and feeling.

Oh and don’t be afraid of popping in and taking pictures of the spiral staircase.


Top modern landmark in Prague is the Dancing House. Designed in cooperation with Frank Gehry, it’s a beautiful example of Deconstructivist architecture.

Do the two parts of the building look like two dancers? Hopefully your answer is yes because its shape should remind you of a man and a woman dancing, to be precise Gehry was thinking of Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers…I know…architects…

By the way, get in and go to the top floor where you can find a restaurant and a small café with a great view. But it’s not done yet, step outside in the terrace and get creative with the metallic nest. It’s perfect for artistic shots!


don’t forget to take a peek even at the tiny cute streets, they may lead to something interesting or really Instagrammable like this nice Art Gallery.


Really popular and touristic place. I warn you! It will be hard to shoot due to the constant flow of people so try to be there before the sunrise, I’ve seen gorgeous pictures of the bridge itself, really spectral, isn’t it? If I’ll go again to Prague this will be on top on my to-do list.


Another thing I’ll certainly do if I’ll be back in Prague is a metro station tour! Hopping in and out at every stop of the three metro lines.

So excited about this new project, it’s a work in progress but at least I’ve started it. Hope you find it interesting and inspiring!

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All photos and words by Nancy Da Campo


  1. Your photographs are worth praising:) The info that you fed in along with the clicks made it more interesting. Thus this becomes one of the most beautiful  blog I have come across resulting in hitting the ‘follow’ button on it 🙂 Not to exaggerate but really your work is very appreciable ! I too have some of my photographs and poetry which are showcased on . Hope you too would like to view my work and let me know how you found them.. I’ll be more glad if you would like to follow my blog to get to see my upcoming work 🙂 Happy Posting 🙂

  2. Hi Nancy,
    thanks a lot for such a great blog post about Prague. Your pics are amazing and inspiring!
    And I totally agree with your smart advice about taking a peek at the tiny streets (speaking from my experience, I’d add also hidden passages) – you’ll discover more than ever expected.
    Should you ever come back and want to experience Prague like a local, discover some of Prague’s non-touristy neighborhoods or take a photowalk to find out the most photogenic spots, just let me know 😉

    1. Thanks a lot Michaela! I’ve seen some of his quirky statues, like Stream – I think it’s called, the moving scalp of Kafka and the giant babies at the Zizkov Tower 🙂

  3. I’m amazed to see Prague in such a different way from my own photographs, even of the same subjects. Seeing a place you know through another’s eyes is always an astonishing experience…the more so when the eyes are those of a real artist. Thanks!

    1. Thanks a lot Paul! I feel the same when I look at other people’s shots of the same places I’ve been. I can see perspectives or details I haven’t noticed or just a different way of seeing them. Thanks again for your lovely words.

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