Paris to London by coach with Ouibus

Over the years I understood I prefer travelling by coach rather than by plane or train; obviously if the distance allows me to consider it as an option.

I tried Ouibus for a journey Paris-London and loved it! From Paris Bercy straight to London Victoria on one of their fancy new buses equipped with Wi-Fi, electrical outlets and comfy seats.

Why should you choose to travel by coach rather than flying?

Well for many different reasons:

  • It is the cheapest way to travel;

  • It is comfortable;

  • It is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport;

  • It can be as quick as flying – often even quicker than by train or flying (no connections, luggage checks, etc.);

  • It is a more enjoyable travel experience.



Travel by coach is cheap

We all know that travelling by coach is one of the cheapest ways of getting to new places. Of course the train would be the most convenient way to get from Paris to London in a very short period of time. However every year the cost of train travel increases and booking a train journey last minute can be extremely expensive.



Coaches are comfortable

If you haven’t travelled on a coach for a few years, you might avoid it out of principle. The truth is that every vehicle is air conditioned, with bigger and comfortable seats than any low-cost airline. On every coach you have your personal socket and a steady wifi connection as well.



Travel by coach is environmentally friendly

Flying wih low-cost airlines may be cheap nowadays but it has significant environmental costs: aeroplanes pollute the atmosphere and use massive amounts of fuel. Coaches, on the other hand, are very efficient and travelling by coach can help you lower your carbon footprint.



Travel by coach can be quicker than flying

Personally I think flying has way too many hussles. I love travelling but I hate flying. It’s not a matter of fear of heights but it’s the whole “reaching the airport – going through security – waiting – flying – passport control – reaching the city center” thing that I always try to avoid. At the end of the day all these steps take lots of time in which you just queue or wait and they add costs to the journey. So you know what, I’d rather spend 9 hours on a coach than 7 hours going through all the above.




Travel by coach is more enjoyable

It may be just a personal opinion but 9-hours on a coach is not that bad. There’s something highly relaxing and pleasant about switching off for the lenght of the journey and watching the countryside swoosh past you every time you lift your eyes from your book / phone / laptop. Don’t you think so?





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