Mons, a cute little town in the western part of Belgium, is one of those travel destinations usually left behind while planning a trip. It is small it’s true and to be honest a few hours spent walking around the whole city are enough to see everything but this doesn’t mean that it is skippable so take a look at what I’ve seen during my short visit and then it’s up to you adding it in your Belgian or French itinerary – because this is the way I’d add Mons into my trip plan -. If you are in Brussels it’s just an hour distance either by car or train so if you have a spare day to spend in Belgium why not popping for a relaxed stroll in Mons.

Actually I’m sure this is the perfect time of the year to fully enjoy Belgium. I spent my last Christmas in Brussels and the perfect word to describe the whole experience is “magical”. I would definitely go again.

An early morning walk around is always the best way to discover any place and to take nice photos without the crowd. Around 11 these streets look completely different, trust me.

And then the highlight of that day in Mons: the art installation “The Passenger” by Arne Quinze. It’s a massive (85m long and 16m high) sculpture made out of wooden planks in Rue Nimy in the old part of the city.

“The Passenger” symbolises the flow of people and their cultural evolution occupying the Rue de Nimy’s since its origins in the 13th century.  [Arne Quinze]

As the Belgian conceptual artist stated ““The Passenger” will provoke reaction and intervene in the daily life of passersby.” and that’s true for sure, it is conceived as an open-air museum in which people meet each other and start conversations. The good news! You have time until 19 December 2019 to see it in Mons. It’s really worthy, don’t miss it!

And lastly don’t forget to take a look at Sainte-Elisabeth Church just under “the Passenger” installation. It looks quite simple from the outside and it still is even inside but the light is its main feature with its beautiful gothic pillars and all the decorative elements on the naves’ ceiling.

If you want to know more definitely check VISIT MONS website in which you can find loads of info about accommodations, places to eat and other attractions.

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All photos and words by Nancy Da Campo

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