As you may have seen from my latest Instagram shots these last couple of weeks I had the opportunity to go wider than what my usual lens allows me to get in the frame. It’s brilliant to see such a big amount of space captured in just one photo.

I currently use my trusty Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm lens and it was interesting to see the difference in terms of image quality and composition you can achieve with such a wide-angle.

Really kindly Olympus France lent me its ZUIKO 7-14 mm 1:2.8 Pro Lens which is a 14-28mm equivalent with a full frame sensor. Getting introduced to this ultra wide perspective has been pretty amazing for both exterior and interior architecture.
No need to say that I loved shooting with this wide-angle zoom lens and I was impressed by how clear and sharp the produced images are.

The build quality is very good, the lens feels solid and well made, all in metal, weather sealed but still lighter and smaller compared to a DSLR one. Everybody knows this are the first requirements for all my photography gear!

As a very wide lens it’s easy to get a lot of perspective distortion on the edges of the image so it’s likely to get stretched and elongated elements that will look disproportionate and unrealistic.

Plus it’s really good even for night photography as it has a bright constant F/2.8 aperture. This gives the possibility to shoot high quality images in low light conditions. Basically with cheaper zoom lenses, the more you zoom in the more light you need to take a good photo and then you won’t be able to take nice pictures with a shallow depth of field. This lens instead has the same light sensitivity no matter how much you zoom in or out, it’s always f/2.8 which is great in low light situations.

This lens has a 7-blade diaphragm, in fact you can see the rays in the starbursts in the picture below are 14 and very sharp. While with my lens I always get a softer starburst, never this neat.

So these are my thoughts about the ZUIKO 7-14 mm 1:2.8 Pro Lens, I can only spend very positive words about it after this short period I had the possibility of using it, the only cons I can find is in the price tag unfortunately.


If you want to see more shots taken with this wide-angle lens check even



For full specifications you can visit the official Olympus France page.
If you have any further question and want to know more about it let me know.

All photos and words by Nancy Da Campo
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