Catalunia has been a fertile land for internationally acclaimed artists, we are talking of Picasso, Dalì, Mirò and they all have their own museums where their masterpieces are displayed. For all the other ones there’s MACBA, the Museum of Contemporary Art located in Raval district in Barcelona, Spain.

The American architect Richard Meier was in charge of the realisation of MACBA.

Generally speaking Richard Meier’s works are easily recognizable as he always turns to pure white facades and very regular geometrical shapes for his private and public buildings. Meier follows a rationalist approach and his design recalls Le Corbusier’s architecture philosophy.

Just head over RICHARD MEIER website to read a collection of his famous quotes and have a general understanding of his architecture.

Light is used as a design element.

Natural light combined with the whiteness of the interior surfaces expands and enlarges the perception of the space.

The whiteness of white is never just white; it is almost always transformed by light.

| Richard Meier |

In the main facade the predominance of straight lines and regular shapes is suddenly broken by circular and curved surfaces in which the staircases are located while the interior is strictly regular and orthogonal in all its parts. From the triple-height entry lobby the visitor can ascend to the upper floors using a ramp that it is cut by straight and sharp beams of light coming through the southern curtain wall.

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The absence of colour and ornaments makes the artworks the main elements to be focused on.

The space appears even bigger thanks to the whiteness and the abundance of natural light coming through the fully glazed wall towards the Placa. The art galleries are large open spaces designed to host different sized art works in different light conditions.

Definitely an art gallery you should consider to visit if you are in Barcelona, for the art content and the architecture that hosts the permanent and temporary art collections.

MACBA – Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona

All photos and words by Nancy Da Campo


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