This is the result of a stroll in Chelsea that has been such a pleasure for the eyes discovering the cutest houses in London. At the end I was smitten!

I always say I should explore more the west part of London and get lost in the tiny mews that keep all these cute and colourful houses secret. And there’s actually a sort of hunt within the Instagram community to find that unique and quirky front door or facade that someone has posted. The main pages where you can find the cutest houses in London are PrettyLittleLondon and  PrettyCityLondon. These pages always cheer me up and within a like a long “Oooooh” of adoration always comes. I’m sure it’s the same even for you.

All the shades of pink, violet and peach seem to be quite popular. Of course they are, with their cuteness they can always put a smile on everyone’s face.

If you’re not a bright-facade kind of person maybe this other option can be more your cup of tea. Even a colourful front door in a plain facade can definitely stand out and make the whole front come alive.

But even bricks have their own charm, they give warmness, texture and character to a facade and just a touch of colour and some plants are enough to give a bright and captivating look.

And I haven’t mentioned the black and white minimalistic houses yet. They are so elegant and neat, simple and geometric, a dazzling whiteness interrupted by bold black lines. Someone may think they are aseptic, lifeless, emotionless but no! They are regular, proportioned, even. It’s a different kind of beauty.

These are just a few but London is full of tiny, pretty, peek-a-boo houses that just want to be found. All I will snap them all! I can’t make up my mind and pick just one as my favourite even though I think I have a weakness for bricks since I’ve been living in London.

Which is your favourite kind of cute little house in London? Or which other areas should I explore more to find these gems? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

If you enjoyed this stroll discovering all the cutest houses in London I’m sure you’ll love even this


All photos and words by Nancy Da Campo
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