Countless destinations outside the UK’s capital city that can offer remarkable adventures, plenty of culture, art, history and not be forgotten natural beauties. All you need to do is to schedule a train or bus ride to one of these cities and escape the usual tourist route and see Britain from different perspectives. So plan your next weekend trip and make sure to bring your camera.

Ps. this was originally meant to be a single post but since it was way too long and I couldn’t pick only one picture to describe each place I mentioned I decided to split it and make a short series. Hope you’ll enjoy it and find it useful!



The well-known university town, Oxford, is really close to London which makes it perfect for an easy weekend escape. Definitely a charming town in which academic history and architecture are well combined, small enough to walk across but with plenty of nice and interesting museums, colleges and even churches are worth a look.

Oxford is perfect even for a little Hogwarts feeling. If you are a Harry Potter’s fan head straight over to Christ Church College once in Oxford. A lot of scenes were filmed there.

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Cambridge , home to one of the world’s top universities. Cambridge’s honey-stone colleges are just as beautiful as the ones that Oxford offer, with plenty of green spaces where tourists and students usually chill during summer.

Some suggestions apart from strolling around the town center and take a peep inside churches and old colleges (not always possible though), are getting a fudge from the fudge shop opposite of the entrance of King’s College and punting on the river Cam.

Regarding architecture I know there are contemporary buildings within some of the colleges (as the Faculty of Law, designed by Foster) but when I went I couldn’t get in, mainly because you need to be a student so you need a uni card. I think I need to visit Cambridge again, it has been my first weekend-trip away from London and I was still taking pictures with my phone at that time so I just have a few (ten to be precise!).



Underestimated by British people, Leeds has all of the cultural and entertainment options you can expect from a college town. Probably it has changed a lot during the last few years but I’ve found it more interesting than many others top-rated or bigger UK towns, at least architecturally speaking.

It offers for sure a pulsating nightlife (I arrived there on a Friday really late night and the streets were definitely alive), its urban redevelopment and old  Victorian architecture blend really well together so that the city mixes the classic and contemporary I’d say in such a nice way as in Birmingham.

↓  And don’t miss this ↓


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Moving up to Scotland, Glasgow is combines historic architecture and contemporary culture, even though the latter is more likely to be found towards the western part of the city while the centre is still maintain its Georgian style.

Clearly the western riverside is my favourite part, where all the modern and contemporary architecture is located. Really, really interesting even though it’s not very well connected with the rest of the city. Along the river Clyde you can find the Clyde Auditorium, even known as the Armadillo, the beautiful curving Clyde Arc and a bit further the Zaha Hadid-designed Riverside Museum.

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As usual let me know what you’ve liked the most about these cities if you have visited them or if you live there too. Locals always know best!

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All photos and words by Nancy Da Campo
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