Architecture and Interiors Photographer.

I’m Nancy, a photographer specialized in architecture, interiors and the built environment. Currently based in Sydney, Australia.

I always had a passion for travelling and curiosity for exploring the world; a deep interest about what physically surrounds me and I’ve always felt inspired and fascinated by lines, perspective, symmetry and geometry.

I combine all these interests with my architectural education that gave me the tools to read and deeply understand architectural layouts and forms. My architectural background gives me a unique perspective to create images that represent spaces, design and buildings in their best light.

As every architect knows, a building is not just an object but a response to a social need that has a relationship with its context, its materiality and with people.

Previously based in London and Paris I had the opportunity to collaborate with some well-known architectural and cultural institutions (you can check them here ) and I’m always ready for new photography and creative projects.


Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more!


 A photograph is the only representation of a building that most people will ever actually see. That’s why architectural photography is so invaluable.

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