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Photo: sunrise at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia


I asked myself this question and there actually many different reasons why I love taking photos:

to capture perspectives that otherwise I would miss

it’s easier to see details when you physically isolate them into a frame so that your eyes are focused on those lines, perspective or lights and shades.

to relive moments and experiences

and come back to those feelings, memories or just appreciate the beauty of what I captured whenever I want.

to explore a place in a deeper way

it helps me to better understand the place I’m in, to go from just being sightseeing to make an effort to seek different angles, point of views, details, to look in every direction and not just forwards or even worse my feet while I’m walking.

to keep learning how to see

and this is a hard skill to master. The world can appear in such many different ways depending on how we look at it. So I’ve learnt that eyes need to be trained in order to see more, deeper and further. That’s why I always like to go back to places I’ve already visited, to understand how it feels to see them with new eyes.

and because it’s easier than explaining

and I prefer images more than words.



So what about you? I’d love to hear the reasons why you take pictures. Read more on Instagram.


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