I recently went back to visit Fondation Louis Vuitton now that the artwork that Daniel Buren conceived for it has been taken off.

if you want to see Fondation Louis Vuitton with the multicoloured filters applied on it check


As you may know the center for contemporary art and culture that Frank Gehry designed back in 2004 was entirely covered by 3.600 sheets of coloured glass. Observatory of Light was the in-situ art installation that turned Fondation Louis Vuitton into a giant kaleidoscope.

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As you can notice the aesthetics of the architecture is very different both on the exterior and interior. Without the colour reflections the whole structure is marked by the strong and neat lines of the wooden and steel beams and by the clear transparency of its glazed “sails”.

Still beautiful but Buren’s artwork was adding a touch of playfulness and even more dynamism. The building was constantly changing throughout the day and that made it even more interesting. Anyway, the light and shadow game is still very strong.

8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi, 75116 Paris
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